Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Shoveling Snow

It has officially been winter for a week now and already a good portion of the Midwest and East Coast have experienced quite a bit of snowfall. Snow can be great for a lot of things like building snowmen, sledding, and snowball fights. Snow can also be dangerous and make for treacherous driving conditions which result in many accidents. Almost equally as dangerous is the act of snow shoveling and the amount of  injuries and even deaths that accompany it is somewhat surprising.

Snow shoveling has been linked to a recent increased number of heart attacks. Researchers believe that the combination of the strenuous exercise of the shoveling along with the cold temperatures causes a quick increase in heart rate and blood pressure, which can also make breathing more difficult.

Here are some tips to avoid injury and heart attacks:

  • Make sure you dress warm and pile on the layers!
  • Drink plenty of water so you don't dehydrate.
  • Don't shovel after consuming nicotine, caffeine, or eating a huge meal. This will already cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Avoid lifting the snow if at all possible. Instead, try pushing the snow to the side with your shovel.
  • If you do lift the snow, bend from your knees so you don't put as much strain on your back.
  • Shovel in short intervals and try to take frequent breaks in between.
  • Do a couple quick warm up exercises before shoveling to help prevent any muscle strains.

McInerney's Woodhaven hopes everyone manages to stay safe this winter whether it's on the road or on the driveway!

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